#1 Mistake: Never use CenturyLink's modems or routers that they provide you! Use Netgear!

When I first subscribed to CenturyLink I was using the router the they provided me, it was truly the number 1 mistake because are probably the main reason why people have connection problems. The modems and routers that they provide are trash. Youtube HD streaming has always been extremely laggy for me and I could never watch videos without buffering issues. I used play xbox live games all the time and I have always had lagging issues and Network Address Translation(NAT) problems. It was bad to the point I could only connect to certain people on xbox live, it was very frustrating. People have reported that Netflix and other movie/video streaming websites were always laggy and interrupted. Others have reported that the internet is slow at certain parts of the day. I have been in the routers settings and attempting tweaks to it and it never got any better.

Now this is where things get better. One day I was looking for better dsl modems and came across and nice Netgear router with a built in dsl modem and decided to purchase it. It was the best choice I made in reference to my internet. I immediately returned CenturyLink's trashy modem and starting using the Netgear one I purchased. The new router pretty much clears all of my issues. The internet was running extremely stable and fast. I did some stress testing on the internet and found out that it can work with multiple PC's, devices and can multitask with ease. Steaming HD movies and video are a piece of cake. Xbox live turned to work out perfectly, my NAT stayed good all the time, and I can connect to everybody. My CenturyLink is now running smooth and I love it. I extremely recommend this netgear modem/router to any CenturyLink subscriber.